Music to Soothe the Soul 
From J&J Mewzik: Six recently recorded albums featuring piano and keyboard interepretations by Jackie Bradley.
"Dream" was released summer of 2009. "Spirit," "Vamps, Then and Now," and "Santa's Baby" were released summer of 2010. 
Each album possesses its own unique personality because each one was created for a special reason reflected by the cover art.  While each album is dramatically different from the others. I hope this easy listening music will bring joy, comfort, peace, or a smile to you  
Released summer of 2011, "Disciplined Indulgence," a purely piano album, includes some of the most beautiful, soulful, easy listening music in the world......according to Jackie. You can preview "Disciplined Indulgence" by googling: Jackie Bradley Disciplined Indulgence CDBaby.

Released summer of 2012, "Postcards in the Attic," inspired by the novel of the same title, features 18 songs that charted during the 1950s, the time in history when "Postcards in the Attic," the novel, is set. You can preview "Postcards in the Attic," the CD on CDBaby.

"Postcards in the Attic," the novel is due out in October 2013. Pre-order through this website. Click above on "Books." Or..........
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